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As you may be aware POSDM(Point of Sales Data Management) system traditionally sits under BW as its generally an integral component/system within BW. However there are few customers who have decoupled POSDM and BW primarily to reduce the dependency of BW system, wherein they can send Store/Online sales data directly from POSDM to various SAP(BW,ECC etc) and other Non SAP Systems too.

Nowadays we have been talking about POSDTA and CAR(Customer Activity Repository) where customers have started the transition journey from POSDM to POSDTA. It is quite essential to know how POSDTA is different to POSDM and what are the new features within POSDTA.

Well, POSDTA(Point of Sales Data Transfer and Audit) is one of the various modules of CAR.The other modules of CAR are listed below

1.DDF(Demand Data Foundation)

2.UDF(Unified Demand Forecast)

3.OSA(On Shelf Availability)

4.OPP(Omnichannel Promotional Pricing)

5.Multichannel Transaction Data Management

6.Inventory Visibility with Omnichannel Article Availability and Sourcing


Key points about POSDTA


  • One of the core components of CAR Foundation that receives sales transactions from POS, Online etc validates, enriches, processes and sends transactional data to various SAP and Non SAP systems


  • TLOGs are stored in an easily readable format in tables such as /POSDW/TLOGF, /POSDW/TLOGF_X or /POSDW/TLOGF_EXT table


  • Standard fields are added to capture unknown EAN, Unknown Material, Original store, Original Transaction, Original POS etc in POSDTA


Below Is a Comparison Chart that explains some of the key differences between POSDM and POSDTA.

*SLT - System Landscape Transformation - This tool is used to replicate Master data from SAP ECC into SAP CAR based on change pointer triggers.



Aram Kalyanasundaram.
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