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Performance Considerations in SAP C4C

Recently we received a mail from SAP with some performance considerations which are to be followed to improve the solution's performance.

So, based on the recommendations we made the necessary changes and deployed the solution.

I thought what if there is a feature already present in the system which does help us in checking for performance considerations.

Note: There is the Run Performance Check option available on the script file. But it gives only recommendations for that particular script file. What if you want something that gives the same to the entire solution.

There are two ways to do this,

1) Right Click on the solution and click on Run Performance Check

Run Performance Checks using Solution

But for this the user needs to have SDK access so why not have it in the UI screen of C4C. This is mentioned in the second step.

2) Using ABSL Code, 

There is a unique namespace import called AP.PlatinumEngineering;

Under this namespace, we have a standard re-use library called Performance

var lv_Addon = Performance.GetAnalysisByMail("youremailid");

When executing the following line you could see it takes few seconds to run through the entire solution and then send a mail to the mail id mentioned in the above snippet of code.

I created a Custom BO and a custom WCView for the same with a button on the screen named as "Run Performance Check". which when clicked on would execute this piece of code and send mail to the mail id.

Note: Multiple email ids can also be entered for the solution.

This is a part of a series of blog posts regarding PlatinumEngineering.
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