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SAP continues polishing WebUI components in CRM area. There are still some components which would be great to rebuild or improve. One of the most painfull components for me (and our clients) was Broadcast Messaging in IC.

The old one is presented below

and you can get more information about it in shobhit.srivastava 's document IC Web Broadcast Messaging

There I saw a comment from sigrid.wieshofer who brought a good news that this particular functionality received new UI look in Ehp3 with SP03 (please refer SAP note 1931727). Only recently I've got a chance to try it. And it looks promising. I'll shortly highlight improvements below.

I'd like to mention that the switch to new WebUI component will be done automatically. E.g. you will not need to change any configuration to make this new component work. From technical perspective it just simply changes logical link IC-BRO when you installing SP. Now it is 'Link' type and points to IC_BM target ID (CRMCMP_IC_BM/MainWindow). Previously it was 'Launch Transaction' type referencing to IC-BRO launch transaction ID.

New component looks like this:

From initial screen we can:

- Compose and send a broadcast message

- See the send log

- Resend Messages

- Navigate to Distribution Lists maintenance

In previous version all these functions were separated between different tabs.

In Distribution Lists maintenance it's easier to create and change them. All lists and assigned users are presented in one complete tree view. Also it's now possible to add multiple users to a list in one step. Need to be mentioned that now when we add new users we can select a profile from which users should be picked up.

The dialog to add users doesn't have any search criteria except broadcast profile. So if organizational unit contains many users I'd suggest to use custom filter option available both for user id and user name columns where we can search using wildcards.

This improved component already resolved our existed issues with cyrillic characters in broadcast messages and with expiration time when sending BMs.

And certainly it looks much better and more consistent then the old one!!

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