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I am an Old School Marketer :cool: by Trade but...This is completely new to me. As I look forward to the journey yet I remain a little afraid as it is out of my comfort zone. It's a good thing I guess I do enjoying learning new things. As I have gone through and read along I understand a great deal of the general concepts but am at the same time in total unfamiliar territory. I've been doing Marketing, Web Design, Writing, and so on since 1999! You'd think I should already know this. Trust me we are constantly learning...and if Adventurous enough we occasionally walk upon uncharted territory and actually learn something that will also enhance my overall long term journey into the beyond of what we stated way back with as what I like to call "The HTML Alphabet"! :wink:

I will take it "One Step At The Time". Excited to learn yet fearful at the same time is a true mix of emotions. It would even be safe to say that the next few days will be done slow with extreme caution and carefulness! :neutral: This is a short note here as I am eager to begin my journey with a little reading and seeking out Informative Videos that will break down the unfamiliarity of this intriguing but intimidating subject matter. It'll be fun! :wink: As nervous as I may feel it will also be exciting to move into something new. In my next post I promise to tell you all about what my discovery is and is not! Till next time.

Laurie Bullard (Reeal) :cool:

Newbie Student

P.S. I have much to learn but can Guarantee I will and improve my content and knowledge of where to and where not to Blog pertaining to a subject. Honestly as of right now I do not know the answers yet. As I do learn and receive my "Certification" I hope I get the opportunity to share what I have learned to better enhance the capabilities of others as well.

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