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It was really a nice experience preparing for this certification. As I was not having any project experience on this, it gave me lot of struggling points initially but eventually opened a plenty of learning opportunity to me and I really enjoyed that preparation period. It really took good amount of effort to get me familiarized with the cloud solutions

We have to plan really well and have to understand thoroughly the concepts used in C4C solutions. Once you have the learning hub access, search for the SAP C4C10 certification learning material, you will find 3 versions there 92, 93 and 94, go and study the version 94 as it is the latest edition as of now.

The learning material is organized into modules and after each module we will have the exercises to do. Please understand the right weightages of each module and plan your learning accordingly. Given below is the weightage of each module for C4C10 certification.

  1. Implementation Basics > 12%
  2. Fine Tuning > 12%
  3. Personalization and Extensibility > 12%
  4. Reporting > 12%
  5. User Management 8%
  6. Integration 8%
  7. Notification Process 8%
  8. Data Migration < 8%

Among the above modules I felt Reporting and Personalization & Extensibility are more important and easy to study.

                There will be single answer questions and multiple answer questions, so please go through the questions at least twice to have the right answers marked. All options may look same. Once you are ready and purchased the certification package, you can go ahead and schedule the exam in Please make sure that you are selected the right time zone.

Once you schedule the exam successfully, you will get the confirmation mail, if you want, you can re schedule the exam any time. There will be a proctor assigned to you for the exam. You should have a good internet connection speed to take the exam online. The proctor will ask you to show any of your photo ID and also the surroundings.

I took the exam early morning (3AM), because I like the early mornings, it is calm and I believe I can concentrate more on those timings to anything than any other time.

If you are not having any prior experience in C4C I strongly recommend to do the exercises, which are mentioned  in the learning material, as many times as possible. The questions will come in a way that we can answer, only if we are in that screen for many times.

Understand more about the SAP Launch methodology which is used in cloud implementations. It is somewhat similar to ASAP methodology but more tailored to the cloud implementation scenarios.

Hope these points will help those who are looking for the C4C10 certification.. and I wish all those aspirants should complete their journey for the C4C10 certification..

Please let me know if you need any more information on the certification processes.