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Hi C4C Community, in this blog I will share with you what I have learned about how to configure the pricing date in a sales order document. SAP provides different configurations and we have to know them to implement the appropriate one, according to our client's requirements.

Basically, for each Sales Order type there are 4 different options for the Pricing Date field:

-(Current) Date

-(Current) Date included in Copy

-Requested Date (Header)

-Requested Date (Header) included in Copy

Depending on which option is selected, the sales order will behave in a certain way when a new document is created and/or when we made a copy from an existing sales order.

For example (from “Solution Guide for SAP Sales Cloud”, Document Version: CLOUD – 2020-11-24):

If today is March 5th and you are copying an existing order with a pricing date of March 1st, the default Pricing Dates for each setting are:

In this case, our client sales order requirement match the second case (2), so we configure the solution as following:

Go to Business Configuration/Implementation Projects/Your Project/Open Activity List/Sales Orders/Maintain Document Types to choose the configuration for each type of document.

Create a new Sales Order on December 17 (as an example): the pricing date matches creation date.

Then, create a sales order as a COPY of the previous (9000001796); the Pricing Date is update to the current day (December 20).

With this configuration, we guarantee that the Pricing Date is always up to date. Even if the sales order is copied from a previous one, the rest of the sales order information is maintained (Account, Ship to Party, External Reference, Currency, Sales data, Products), but the Pricing Date is the current date.

Also, important to know: Sales Quote – Sales Order relation.

When a Sales Order is created from an already client approved Sales Quote, the sales order Pricing Date is inherited from the sales Quote Pricing Date, this is the expected behavior. Still, the pricing date is an editable field, and the sales representative can change it if need it.

Sales Quote:

Sales Order created from the previous Sales Quote:

I hope this will be useful for your current or future implementation.
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