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Hello All,

In this small Blog, I would like to show how to do Mass Change Account Data using the standard tool available in Cloud for Customer (C4C) tenant in few simple steps.


Post Implementation there might arise a need for Customers to perform Mass Changes to their Account Data. C4C offers a very simple to use tool to perform this task in pretty easy steps.

There are three areas of Account which can be Mass Changed using this tool:

1. General Data of Corporate Accounts.

2. Sales Data.

3. Responsibilities.

The changes apply as soon as the process is completed on the system & the new changed data on Accounts is visible on the tenant as soon as this process is completed without any delay/lag!

Here are the steps to accomplish Mass Change Account data, I'm using a simple example which shows Mass Change of General data of two Accounts, by following these steps,other data in other two areas of an Account can be changed:

Please note that you should have Administrator right to perform this task.


Access the Mass Change Account Data tool from C4C Tenant, below screen shot shows the path:


Select the Accounts which need Mass Update as shown below under Select Accounts step. You can select Multiple Accounts by using the Advance filter option. In the screen shot below, I'm doing a seacrh for all accounts with the name starting with string: AG_Test (This is for example purpose only):


After pulling All the Accounts which needs to be mass updated, click in Add to Worklist button & you can either Select ALL Accounts or the ones you select from the list that comes up from your selection:


Step3 will result in adding the Accounts to be updated in the Worklist as shown below:


Once the Accounts are displayed in the Worklist, click on NEXT button on the top to move the next step to perform changes under Change Accounts step:


In my example,I'm applying Mass change to General Data of Corporate Accounts as shown in the above screen shot & changing the Account name to Dec14_Acc as shown below:


After putting the new name under the Account name column as shown above, click on Apply Mass Change button (You can Select All Accounts option or click on Selected account to apply changes to selected accounts). On successful change, a confirmation message is displayed as well:


Click on Finish button:


Click on Close to complete the process & Exit the tool (You also get the option to perform further Mass Change to Account Data):

Now, go to the Accounts View & see the Account names you just updated, it will reflect the new names of the Account from now.

Likewise, any other Data related to Account can be changed using same steps, by performing changes to the relevant fields as they appear on the tool under Change Account steps based on what area has been selected under the drop down for General/Sales/Responsibility data.

Hope everyone finds this blog useful & this makes the steps clear to use for everyone.