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In the context of AI taking centre stage across all businesses and industries, all the product vendors are heavily investing in this space. It is the same case with SAP as well and SAP Leonardo offers these capabilities using various technologies like block chain, IoT, machine learning and Big data. Starting from 1708 release, machine learning functionalities have been introduced in sales (deal intelligence) and service (automatic ticket classification) areas though they are not for general availability and meant for phased delivery.

This blog is to highlight the machine learning capabilities offered by Hybris Cloud for Customer solution, prerequisites to build these capabilities and high level configuration steps.

SAP C4C solution offers below ML scenarios in sales and service areas as on 1802 release.

Sales scenarios:

  • Deal Intelligence - Available

  • Lead Intelligence - Available

  • Account Intelligence - (beta)

  • Predictive sales forecasting – Future roadmap

  • Sales Assistant - Future roadmap.

Deal Intelligence provides instant opportunity scoring thus enabling sales team to focus on high probability opportunities.

Lead intelligence: This feature enables sales and marketing teams to prioratize high scoring leads for opportunity conversion.

Service Scenarios:

  • Ticket intelligence - Available

  • Recommended Responses – Future roadmap

  • Supervisor Insights– Future roadmap

  • Parts Recommendation – Future roadmap

  • Service Assistant – Future roadmap

Ticket intelligence: Ticket categorization based on the historical modelling data which  increases agent productivity.


Prerequisites to enable ML scenarios:

For Machine Learning to be activated within C4C, the following pre-requisites have to be fulfilled:

1. Customer should have SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer - Enterprise Edition

2. At least 5000 relevant historical records (Opportunities → in case of Machine Learning for deal intelligence) for sales scenarios.

3.12 months of historical data of Tickets to enable Service scenarios (ticket intelligence)Once the pre-requites are fulfilled, we need to create an incident with SAP for activation of these scenarios in our tenants.

Steps to enable ML Scenarios:

  • After activation of ML scenarios in your tenant, admin would be able to see Prediction Services WC under administration

  • Activate the training model for both lead scoring and opportunity scoring under prediction services. Based on the model and past sales data system will predict the probability of the deal.

  • Once it is enabled, a side panel is displayed with below relevant insightful information where user can open, read thru the scores to identify the deals with high probability. These scores are based on the model and past sales data system.


Stay tuned for more details on these capabilities.

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