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Identity Management and Resolution

This business process supports the investigation from beginning to end, across teams and agencies. All relevant information is collected and linked to the cases.

Investigators can register leads, conduct crime-scene investigation, collect and provide evidence  to courts, document trial results and close cases.

1. Instigation / First Response

The following business process runs in SAP CRM:

  1.  Create Lead/Classify Incident

You create an incident or lead to identify the situation, based on reports from the general public, referral from other agencies, reopening of an investigations, discoveries about criminal behavior, etc.

Information is captured in the system in a structured format and classified.

When a specific event is reported, an incident is created.

When information is more general and requires investigation, a lead is created instead.

  2.  Identify situation

You analyse the information and evaluates data and incidents entered with similar information entered from other investigations, by running search using key fields.

  3.  Assign lead

If an incident requires further investigation, you can assign or create a lead from an incident.

  4.  Create follow-up activities

You create follow-up activities for subsequent investigation of a Investigative Lead (such as checks by patrol officers to be scheduled at regular intervals for a defined period).

You define different transaction types to guide an investigation, such as Incidents or Activities (Interrogation, Surveillance, Visit Crime Scene, etc).

Investigation Processing - Initial Investigation