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Malfunctions in the production facilities or even work accidents should reach those responsible in the company as quickly as possible and without any delays. In the event of an accident at work, it can even be vital to inform the right people immediately. But even in the event of a technical defect, every minute can count.

Often, however, the reporting person is not aware of this:

  • Who must be informed?

  • How can I contact the person?

This applies to the company's employees, but especially to guests or external service staff who are on the site and often do not have this information.

In order not to delay in such cases, but also to document the incident very well, an SAP Business ByDesign customer approached all4cloud with the request to develop a mobile app that allows anyone to report an incident in just a few steps.

The result is an mobile app that can be used on any SmartPhone with Android or IoS.


With the use of this app, it is now possible to record a technical malfunction, accident or other incident within one minute and transmit it to the responsible department or person. The notification is detailed. It is also possible to send photos of the current on-site situation. This makes it easier for the emergency call centre to assess the emergency and ensures that it can activate all necessary resources. In addition, this mobile app is also interesting for use in reporting technical problems.


Intuitive creation of service requets

There are two ways to start reporting.

First, the user selects the type of message.

  • Accident

  • Technical fault

  • Burglary

  • ... further reporting categories are possible at any time

Then the user starts scanning a barcode. The customer of all4cloud, for example, has fitted all his technical equipment (tanks, pumps, pipes, filters, taps, valves) with the corresponding barcodes. Due to the barcode, all the necessary data about the location and type of component are already available with one scan. If such barcode labels are not available, an ID can also be entered.

Then an additional textual description of the situation is entered. After that, quickly take a photo or several photos and then the message is already finished. This message is then immediately transferred to the SAP Business ByDesign system as a service request.


This app is also wonderfully suited for use by customers. Imagine you have sold your product to a customer. He finds a technical defect in the device. Normally he will inform you by phone or email. With service4cloud he can do this directly with his SmartPhone. Now you can offer your customer one more service.



You can find service4cloud in the SAP APP CENTER
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