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I already covered the features around change request and claims In this final blog I am going to complete the cycle for the Grantor Management

8- Payment

Grantor financial execution interface is based on:

  • SAP ECC Public Sector Collection and Disbursement (PSCD)
  • or the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (AP/AR).
  • The Funds Management (FM) component is optional and can be used for record and report on grant commitments and actuals.

SAP Grantor Solution is integrated with SAP ERP:

  • Applications total  granted amount will create one Pre-Commitment item in SAP ERP, with different line items for payment type.
  • Agreement total granted amount will create one Commitment item in SAP ERP, with different line items for payment type.
  • Repayment will create a "Forecast of Revenue Document" in SAP ERP

The solution supports the billing/invoicing documents. System will create automatically billing documents in ERP for each agreement/claim in CRM (agreement or claims has to set to “Released”).

Billing document are displayed in SAP FI- AP/AR using transaction GTRBILL_DISP ( Display Grantor Billing Doc. (AP/AR))

Invoice document are generated for existing billing documents which have not been invoiced and which agreement “posting date“ is not older than the posting date in the invoicing transaction. System automatically creates an open item documents in ERP for each invoicing document. Open Item information is available in the “Grantor Agreement and Claim”.

Invoice Documents are generated using transaction GTRINV_S (Individual Grantor Invoicing) or GTRINV_MULTI_B_S (AP/AR Invoicing Run) in SAP FI-AP/AR.

In SAP ECC, program RFGTR_NOTIFICATION need to be scheduled to update the agreement open items with the “Invoice Information”.

The execution of the payment run in SAP ECC clears open items for payment.  Transaction F110 (Parameters for Automatic Payment) is used to run the automatic payment.

In the overview page of the agreement will show the “Cleared Item (ERP)” amount and the reduction of the “Open Item (ERP) amount.

After an open item document has successfully been cleared in SAP ECC, the information is stored in a table in SAP ECC. The report RFGTRFIDOC_ANALYZE clears the table and transfers the cleared amount of FI document which have been paid to CRM, which updates the corresponding Agreement Item.



Grants audit are achieved by using standard CRM capabilities. By using workflow, status, actions and /or activities, audit activities could be registered in the system.

Generally, the Grant Agreement will detail any requirements / conditions for the grant. Maintain an electronic file with the supporting documents, will also help to reconcile the claims for reimbursement with the general agreement and and supporting documents. SAP offers CRM Case Management functionality as optional component that will provide a central place for all documents related to a single application and its follow-on transactions.

The solution also offers a wide range of reporting options supported by SAP BI.

10- Repayment:

A repayment is payment made from the grantee to the grantor if costs incurred were less than funds advanced. A repayment is required to balance the amount.

A repayment item in the agreement will create a "Forecast of Revenue Document" in SAP ERP

11-Year- End closing:

Solution supports all activities for year-end-closing. These include transferring open commitments (commitment carry forward) and a separate transfer of non-consumed budget (carry forward of residual budgets) from old fiscal years to the new.

By updating “Grant Start Date” in any application/agreement to the new financial year, system will automatically adjust the pre-commitments / commitments to the new financial year. Old commitment items will be set to “0” and new commitment item for the new date will be created automatically by the system.


Overall, SAP Grantor Solution support all phases of Grantor Processing, helping organisation to  administers funds to provide financial assistance to a group of individuals or  organisations.

To start exploring the solution, you can use standard CRM UI Business Role "CRMGRMPRGMAN - Grantor Program Manager".

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