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As I mentioned in my last entry, SAP Grantor Solution offers functionality to support the Application Assessment and Agreement ( ). In this blog I am going to explore what the solution could offer around change request and claim process.

6- Change Request:

A change request represents any changes of circumstances initiated by the grantee or the grantor organisation. An agreement amended may be created if changes are approved.

As well as grantor applications, change request could be received by any channel. Template models are supplied within the solution, or custom forms could be developed (HTML + BSP or Adobe Interactive Forms).

A workflow template is provided for change request approval process. When a grantee submits a change request, a workflow item notification is sent to the employee responsible for approve or decline the change.  On the effective date, agreement is changed and a hard copy of the previous version is attached as pdf document, automatically by the workflow.

7- Claim:

A Grant Claim represents a request from the applicant for payment of an amount specified in the grants agreement or reconciliation of payment based on accounting for incurred expenses or meeting other terms or conditions of the agreement.

Templates forms are delivered within the solution. Forms could also be developed (HTML + BSP or Adobe Interactive Forms).

Grantor Claims are created with reference to an existing agreement; which should have at least one "claim-based" linte item. Claim submission is controlled by the Grantor Program (submission allowed, date restrictions...).

Individual claim items are assigned to agreement line items. Availability control ensures that the amounts claimed do not exceed the amount agreed to as define on the grantor agreement. Availability check is performed at header agreement level as well as item agreement level, to compare the sum of all claim based line items on the agreement with the sum of claim line items on claims.

If the clearance strategy is set to Manual, payments and outstanding advances could exceed the overall authorised payments and the grantee would receive more money than is supposed to be paid out.

Business rules could be used for automatically claim assessment / approval. Manual approval could be supported by using CRM Surveys.

Once the claim is approved and released, a billing document is created in SAP ECC Financial.

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