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As I mentioned in my last entry, SAP CRM Case Management allows linking transaction and documents to the case. This is provided by SAP NetWeaver Folders Management (

In this blog, I am going to cover other features available in Case Management.

Change History:

Display changes to the Case and Folder objects. Dates, time and users are registered.

CRM-specific Case Management BADIs:

The following BADIs are available in SAP CRM Case Management.


Inserting New Object Types in a Record.


Copying Cases.


Change Field Attributes (Only Display, Hide) for Runtime.


Filling Customer-Specific Dropdown List.


Data Transfer When Creating a Case. Example: Filling default values when creating case from Service Order application

Case Authorisations:

The following authorisations objects are available for case management. Additionally is possible to use the Access Control Engine (ACE) to flexibly control access to CRM cases.

  • S_SCMG_CAS Case

This object defines authorizations for entire cases.

  • S_SCMG_FLN Field-Level Authorization

This object defines authorizations for the attribute fields in a case header.

  • S_SCMG_STA Status

This object defines authorizations to change the case status.

  • S_SCMG_TXT Notes

This object defines authorizations for case notes.

BI – Reports available for SAP CRM Case Management:

The following queries are available for Case Management:

  • Case Workload Analysis

You use this query to analyse the workload of cases by service organizations.

  • Analysis of Sensitive Cases

You use this query to analyse the authorization level of cases.

  • Planned Date of Case Closure

You use this query to analyse expiring cases.

  • Case Relationship Analysis for Linked Business Partner .

You use this query to analyse business partners linked to cases.

  • Case Escalation Analysis

You use this query to analyse number of activities linked to cases.

  • Status Overview for Documents in Cases

You use this query to analyse various business transactions linked to cases.

To be continued...

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