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SAP Case Management solution is designed for collecting and processing relevant information originating from multiples sources about a complex problem or issue in a central collection point.

Ideally you use Case Management to process problems or issues that involves a wide range of information, multiple processors (internal employees or external people), and/or require a long time frame for resolution.

A case acts as a folder with few describing attributes, which links all relevant information , objects and involved parties related to each other from a certain business perspective (for example, customer complaint handling, legal case tracking). This allows having central point, where people would find the most update information about the case.

SAP offers two toolsets for Case Management:

  • SAP NetWeaver Case Management
  • SAP CRM Case Management

Both are similar in capabilities and use SAP Records Management.

SAP NetWeaver Case Management has been  the toolset of choice for pre-defined Case Management scenarios in SAP ECC:

  • HR Processes & Forms
  • Dispute Management

SAP CRM Case Management has been the toolset of choice for pre-defined Case Management scenarios in SAP CRM:

Social Service and Security.

  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Child Welfare
  • Illness Benefit
  • Maternity leave.

Tax and Revenue Management

  • Dispute Management
  • Collection Management (Debt Recovery Management)
  • Tax Audit

Grantor Management

  • Grantor Application Management

The SAP CRM Case Management solution allows the linking of diverse information, such as business partners, transactions, products, and documents that could reside in different physical systems (SAP CRM and other applications, such as SRM and SAP ECC as well as objects from external applications).

SAP CRM Case Management offers the following features:

  • Linking of business transactions and electronic office documents
  • Linking of involved parties and products affected
  • Multiple case note types
  • Case history log to track and visualize all changes to a case
  • Creation of case follow-up and to-do items
  • Case describing attributes: external reference, reason, classification, status, priority.

...To be continued