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Field Service Management (FSM) has significantly evolved in the past few years, it has moved beyond the manual  tasks of scheduling, dispatching and work order management to fully automated service process.

Current digital transformations are keen on using the new age cloud offerings with AI & internet of Things for service process automation.

In this blog we are primarily focusing on the connected field service (IoT) capability with SAP CORE System ®.  It can augment or replace many of the manual, costly processes involved in monitoring and maintaining assets.

As per the SAP service cloud portfolio road map, it is expected that CORE system will be part of the SAP C/4 HANA brand with a new generation of Service Cloud. It will bring powerful Crowd Service technology to leverage external service technician and real-time scheduling using the artificial intelligence into sap service cloud fore.

Image source:whats-new-in-c4-hana


Expected Core system offerings with SAP service cloud

  • Crowd Service

  • Easy-to-use code scanner

  • function for self service

  • Field service analytics and

  • Dashboards

  • Field service knowledge Management

  • Work order management

  • Mobile Field service

  • management & Apps

  • Customer self service

  • Seamless offline functionality in all mobile applications

  • APIs for third party integrations


Connected Field service with SAP CORE System


Using the below illustrated case, an attempt has been made to explore the possible use case with SAP Core System with connected field service. (SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge)

Ref: Multiple sources (Open sap & google image) and used to create flowchart.

In this above example, I have tried to encapsulate the vision of intelligent customer service by combining the Core systems technology with intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and asset networks from SAP.

A remotely located Windmill is monitored with the sensors, IoT gateways will feed the real time data into SAP Leonardo IOT bridge, sap predictive analysis capability will identify any anomalies! Example: Abnormal oscillation of motor speed. Based on this information an event based service call will be generated for that customer installation.

Next phase is all about planning & execution of the service call, this can be simplified and effectively handled by the SAP Core system.

Using Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching feature of core system, planners can rapidly assign the service calls using in-built , skills-based filters for field service personnel and pulling equipment and business partner information from the Cloud. In addition, it is also possible for business to user the crowd service" model offered by core system, which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform to find the available field service technicians in real-time.

With this setup field service resources and the needed replacement parts can now be scheduled and dispatched ahead of time to perform the required tasks even before a product breaks or equipment fails. This will help significantly minimize downtime and increase customer satisfaction. And ad-hoc requests from consumers can be met in real time using the expansive service ecosystem.

Same setup can be used for any other service maintenance's scenarios like Mobile Tower,Heavy industrial generators..etc

Real time information of customers’ installations with the Sensor feed

  • Track multiple equipment records for one installation location (Eg: Temperature, Wind speed)

  • Monitor multiple equipment components

  • Assign one or multiple measurement logs to a registered product, and capture readings throughout the lifecycle

Make service predictive with the Internet of Things (SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge)

  • Gain insights from sensor data to improve product quality and reliability

  • Generate new service revenue with a usage-based business model

  • Use real-time machine data and sophisticated analytics to assess equipment health

  • Avoid costly disruptions by predicting equipment malfunctions proactively

Schedule & Dispatch the service call with ease by using SAP CORE System

  • Create a service call for any deviation based on the sensor data & predictive analysis score

  • Dispatch the service call to nearest field technician based on the skills & availability. (or Crowd dispatch)

  • Coresystems field service app will enable field service technicians to view directly essential customer and installation information.

With the Coresystems field service app, service technicians can generate invoices and work orders in real-time, and immediately collect payment (Coresystems’ app let you accept chip and magstripe cards as well as contactless NFC payments

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