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As we know in today's growing SAP digital world, Master Data is the most important aspect when it comes to Data Management, Data Security, Data Quality irrespective of the backend technology or platform. One such reliable and effective system for Master Data governance is D&B or Duns and Bradstreet which enhances the view of your customers, prospects and vendors across all your systems.

Benefits of DNB:

Benefits of DNB


  1. Trust worthy source system for Master Data creation.

  2. Availability of D&B APIs with much secured SSL Encryption.

  3. Supports Master Data creation in SAP.

  4. Easy Integration options.

  5. Secured Data guaranteed.

  6. High data quality tailored to your business needs.

  7. Auto validation of Data entry.


DUNS Number:

Guessing what is a DUN’S number? A D-U-N-S Number is a 9-digit unique identifier for businesses. It is derived from the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud and integrated to the other cloud application connected to it. In SAP C4C system , we have the DUNS number available as part of the standard feature.


Data Flow:

Data Flow


Integration Process High level steps:

  • As a prerequisite, get the D&B system access/registration.

  • CPI to be preferably used as middleware.

  • Setup Communication System, Arrangements and Scenarios in C4C.

  • D&B Webservices – DNBCleanseMatch and DNBDunsMatch to be used for the Data exchange between C4C and D&B via CPI.

  • SDK Development to retrieve the D&B data and update the Prospect/Customer data.


Integration Process Detailed Steps:

  1. Under Administrator -> General Settings -> Communication Systems, Create a new system -> ID-> DNB_SYSTEM with the hostname and other details.

  1. Maintain the Communication Arrangements with Scenarios to leverage the below services

  • DNBDunsMatch

  • DNBCleanseMatch

  1. Maintain the Outbound Communication in each scenario with service-> DNBDunsMatch and DNBCleanseMatch.

4.  Ensure CPI system is configured with both C4C and D&B system.

5. Create a SDK Solution to invoke these webservices to read and maintain the data at         Customer master level.

6.Detailed SDK Steps are given below to call the DNB functionality on click of a Button while  creating a Prospect in C4C system. Any alternative SDK Solution can be designed to leverage the D&B functionality.

SDK Solution Proposed:

  1. Create a button or a link on the New Prospect Creation screen on C4C.

  2. Enable the standard DUNS Number field on the creation screen.



  3. On Click of the custom button-> D&B Search, launch a new Model Dialog screen with both Search and Result screen.

  4. Search Screen can have any field, on which the search functionality is supported by D&B system and which may be needed by C4C.

  5. Disable all the Address specific fields on the Customer screen and only maintain the Customer Name as an edible field. This step could be optional, if D&B data is not required.

  6. Populate the Customer Name as well as the Country on click of this custom button on the Modal dialog Search screen.

  7. Add other Address specific fields to enhance the Search screen.

  8. On click of Search button the first webservice->> DNBCleanseMatch needs to be called.

  9. The DUNS number received as a response must be sent to the second webservice >>DNBDunsMatch to retrieve the valid address details .

  10. Get the complete address data along with DUNS number and display in the result screen of the model dialog.

  11. Result Screen can accommodate all the fields which are maintained in both C4C and D&B.

  12. On Selection of a particular record from the result list ,populate back the Complete Address along with DUNS number on the Prospect creation screen.

  13. This complete SDK solution to have the D&B functionality can be business role driven to plug in and plug out on need basis. This makes the complete solution more flexible and allows to retain the C4C inbuilt standard capabilities.

  14. As a result of this design the below steps are accomplished.

    • Address Validation

    • Auto Population of Address on the Prospect screen

    • Simplify the Prospect Creation process

    • Valid Master data maintenance

    • Scalable & Flexible Solution

    Thus D&B integration not only ensures quality data but also provides an excellent User Experience with less manual effort and best in class address validations.

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