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In this document I will discuss about the steps which needs to be done to integrate a Document Management System (Content Server) with CRM 7.

At first the Content Server needs to be defined which would be compatible with SAP. We have used Open Text Document Access 10.0.

The Content Server has to be integrated with CRM in transaction OAC0:

Once the content server has been defined then we need to decide the document types under which we will be storing the documents. These document types will be created as folders in the content server. This configuration is done in OAC2:

The document types is now assigned to business objects in transaction OAC3. In this transaction we decide which business objects will require the functionality of storing the documents. This configuration stores the combination of Business object, Document type and the content repository.

In addition a new external alias needs to be defined in the content repository service in SICF transaction as shown below:

With all the above mentioned settings the documents can be uploaded and viewed in the attachments assignment block in the respective object as shown below:

Hope the information shared helps the community.

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