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With the new release of Feature Pack 15 for SAP Customer Checkout the integration of Avalara for U.S tax calculation has been enhanced to make life easier when integrating Avalara into CCO.
New Features have been added aswell.
The following Blog will give you an overview about some of the new features:

  • Generated destination for Avalara communication system

  • Maintaining tax codes in the article creation

  • Address validation with Avalara


Generated destination for Avalara communication system

When integrating Avalara in SAP Customer Checkout Feature Pack 15 the destination of Avalara is now already preconfigured and only username and password of you Avalara account have to be filled, making the integration quicker and saving time and cost.

Avalara pre-configured destination

In the communication arrangement tab of SAP Customer Checkout manager you can see a list of services provided by the Avalara integration for SAP Customer Checkout.

Avalara Outbound services

Maintaining Tax Codes in the article creation

In the U.S sytstem you will not find a "Taxes" tab as it is working with Tax hint codes. These tell Avalara which tax code is relevant for a certain article based on the tax of the respective region the article has been orderen in. For example a water has a certain tax in California but has a different one in New York.

Article creation

When creating a receipt in the POS system you will see a subtotal of the articles without tax. When "Proceed to payment" is clicked it is sent to Avalara which calculates the tax according to the region.

Receipt before Avalara Tax Calculation

Receipt after Avalara Tax Calculation

After the receipt has been created you can see whether the Avalara Tax Calculation was successful or not in the "Dispatch states" tab of the receipt.

Address Validation with Avalara

When entering the shipment information you can either select it manually or select a customer and copy the shipment information of the customer to the receipt. Avalara then validates the shipment address and also gives a suggestion for a more precise address if there is one.



The tax amount will then change according to the region of the shipment address.

For further information about the new features of SAP Customer Checkout Feature Pack 15 please visit:
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