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The C4C Qualtrics to C4C Service Cloud feature allows you to follow insert information from your Qualtrics survey into the Ticket object of SAP Service Cloud. Conditions along with advanced logic will be used to identify which respondents will create a follow-up and which ones will not.

Business Use Case

‘Telporter’ is a ride share company which serves customers across various parts of the world. Recently they kicked off the process of improving their customer experience. In this effort they want a seamless experience from customers, to have them give candid feedback on each of their journey. They also want prompt action to be taken on feedbacks for the negative customers.


Solution Overview

Telporter sends email completion of each ride they want to trigger off a crisp survey to gain the customer experience on their journey. Qualtrics is used as a feedback which distributes the surveys and sets up the workflow to handle actions based on survey responses.

If the survey response indicates that the customer is unhappy, it will create a Ticket in SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is used as the service bus which acts as the message broker between SAP Cloud Platform, Qualtrics and SAP Cloud for Customer.

Key Capabilities and Business Benefits

  • Easily integrate Qualtrics Actions Platform with SAP Service Cloud

  • Automate Ticket creation based on negative feedback.

  • Drive Management in Service Cloud by interacting with Customer via Qualtrics survey/ webform


  • SAP Cloud for Customer

  • SAP CPI Tenant

  • Qualtrics Account


Configure end-to-end connectivity between SAP Cloud for Customer and Qualtrics using SAP Cloud
The Qualtrics SAP Customer Experience Action Task plug-in communicates with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP
Service Cloud using SAP Cloud Integration (CPI )

References – Help Documentation –For more info on Prepackaged Integration with Qualtrics you can refer the below link

Main Part

  • Customer receives email once ride is completed

  • Qualtrics Survey will be triggered

  • Customer submits negative feedback

  • A ticket will be in C4C via CPI


  1. In Discover, Copy Qualtrics Integration with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud

  2. In Design select Qualtrics Integration with SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud into CPI ----> Configure iflows that are highlighted in red color


  1. Create Business Object instance in SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud

  1. Create Service Ticket in SAP Service Cloud




iii.Get Entity Set and Field List from SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud



iv. Qualtrics Survey Integration With SAP Service Cloud Ticket




3.Deploy the iflow and copy the end points the same can be used in Qualtrics


  1. Please create a survey according to your requirement. In our scenario if the customer is unhappy, it will create followup ticket with reference to existing ticket

       2.Navigate to the Actionstabà Select Editor à Create action à Event Based.

      3.Select Survey responseà Response created

4.Select a condition. As per our scenario, we will to trigger Ticket creation When user answers Yes for below question

 “Did you experience a Safety Concern on your car ride? -Yes”

5.Select Add Task.

6.Select SAP Customer Experience App

7.Select Create Ticket

8.Enter the details as mentioned below

8.Select Distributions--> Click on the hyperlink of survey

9.Fill the Survey as per the condition as mentioned in step 2.3

Here if customer selects “Did you enjoy last ride? -Yes”

10.Ticket is created in C4C

Ticket is created in C4C

Summary: We had achieved creating a Ticket in SAP C4C from Qualtrics Addon via CPI

Part 1 :

In my first Blog Post 1 I have explained Web2Lead integration via Qualtrics addon. In this post, I had  Ticket creation via Qualtrics addon