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Now we can configure the data that you want to display as part of customer insights.

Admins can design their own custom metrics using generic iFlows and integrate critical insights from third-party systems into Accounts in addition to basic critical Metrics. You must select Name, Chart Title, Chart Type, Communication systems, Path, and Navigation URL when creating a custom measure.

Pie, Bar, and Indicator chart types are available while creating custom metrics.


  1. Navigate to Settings => All Settings => Customer Insights =>   Key Metrics and click +.

  2. In the Create New Key Metric popup, enter all the details for the custom metric.

    • Create Communication system

    • Enter the path of the CPI or third-party system endpoint, and it should return the payload as shown in the sample code below.(POST Call)

    • Click on Save

   3. You can change the visibility of the custom metric and save.

Sample Code

"total": 65.2,
"totalDescription": "%"

Bar or Pie
"total": 34.0,
"data": [
"name": "Incomplete data",
"y": 6
"name": "Credit blocks",
"y": 18
"name": "Billing blocks",
"y": 10

4. Now, the custom key performance indicators (KPIs) are visible within the Accounts section.