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The aim of this blog is to explain the importance of valuation types in SAP CRM Service Module and its impact on the Human Resource(HR) and Controlling(CO) module with regards to actual cost derivation of technician's seen in Internal Order's. I did try to look up and read about valuation types in SAP CRM however could not get anything useful. This blog will go one step ahead and help consultants understand how the valuation type defined in SAP CRM impacts the derivation  of technicians' cost in the Controlling module once the confirmation is completed in the SAP CRM module.


To understand CRM time recording and CATS Integration please refer to the blog below which explains in detail the integration aspects of SAP CRM- HR-CO Module. This scenario works for the SAP CRM On-premise solution. I will give examples below whereby its clear how the scenario's work for a clear understanding.


Overview of Integrations:

The valuation types are defined in the below spro customization in SAP CRM module.

Customer Relationship Management- Transactions-Settings for Service Transactions-Define Valuation types.


The valuation type can also be assigned to the item category which is used for creating confirmations in SAP CRM module. If there are multiple valuation types created then the same needs to be selected manually when the confirmation is created in SAP CRM at line item level. I have also highlighted the setting at item category level which is relevant to cost. This is important for the costs to get captured in the Controlling module.



The valuation types once defined then needs to be replicated to the SAP ECC module using the below customization node.


They are replicated to the SAP ECC Systems with the help of the Remote Function Call(RFC) destinations maintained below.


Once the valuation types along with the service types are replicated, the main configuration needs to be done in the SAP ECC side which are the integrations with the CATSDB table. The menu path is highlighted below.


Here the item categories of service confirmations, service types, valuation types(defined in SAP CRM) and attendance/activity type (defined in the Human Resource module) are assigned to the cost element.


Scenaro1: Determination of Actual Technician costs using CATSDB table, and not based on the  designation of the technician which is maintained in the HR master record transaction code(pa30),based on the activity type and sender cost center in info type 315

In this scenario, the valuation type is selected by default based from the item category settings of confirmations. The same is replicated and also maintained in the CATSDB table in SAP ECC module. (Refer to the screen shot above).

The actual work duration of the technician is also highlighted below which pertains to the actual work done by the technician at customer premises. These actual hours would also be used in the calculation of the technician's costs once the status of the confirmation is set to be completed in SAP CRM.(Refer to screen shot below)


The next step would be to execute the CAT7 transaction code in SAP ECC. The CAT7 transaction code is used to transfer the costs from the HR module to the CO module of the concerned service technician. The personnel number would be the executing service employee in the confirmation transaction of sap CRM who is basically the technician executing the work done at customer premises.

Two key aspects which I wanted to highlight below in the internal order where the actual cost of the technician which got derived. 

a) The below cost element which got highlighted in the internal order capturing the actual cost of the technician which was maintained in the CATSDB table and also in the transaction code kp26 please refer to the below two screen shots.

b) The cost of the technician which got determined was 20. The calculation  was 5*4hours(work done in confirmation) and the rate of 5 per hour which was maintained in KP26 transaction code in SAP ECC CO module. The input parameter to run this transaction is the cost center, fiscal year and the activity type which is also maintained in the HR master data of the technician under pa30 transaction code.

c) However the designation of the technician maintained in HR master records is different who executed the work in the above confirmation. Please refer below screen shot(pa30 transaction code)


Scenario 2: The valuation type is only defined in SAP CRM and is not replicated to SAP ECC. The new valuation type is also not maintained in the CATSDB table in SAP ECC. The derivation of the actual cost of the technician would get picked up from the activity type and sender cost center maintained in the HR master record of the technician.


I have now selected a new valuation type in the below confirmation and completed the same. The valuation type is only defined in SAP CRM and not replicated to SAP ECC. The executing service employee taken is also the same as in Scenario 1


The next step is to run the cat7 transaction code in SAP ECC to transfer the costs from SAP HR Module to SAP CO Module

Next if you check the internal order, the actual cost of the technician and cost element which got determined are different. The cost element got determined from the settings maintained in kp26 transaction code only because the CATSDB table does not contain the below cost element.


The rate which is maintained in kp26 is given below, hence the total cost determined is 13*(rate maintained in kp26 highlighted below)*4(actual hours worked in confirmation)= 52

The same activity type is also maintained in the HR master record of the technician




I hope that this blog post gave you some real time insights of derivation of actual costs of technician in the Controlling module and the importance of Valuation Types in SAP CRM.

I would be more than happy if you provide your comments, feedback, questions or requests with regards to my blog written above.

Kind Regards

Atul Keshav

SAP S/4 Hana Sales & SAP C4C Service Cloud(Certified)


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