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Most of us know that, workcenter “ECC SEARCH” is available in C4C to perform a real time search on the sales orders in the backend SAP ERP System.

SAP did deliver a standard iFlow for PI which uses Outbound interface Chemical_SalesOrderSearch_Ext_Out and Operation mapping COD_ERP_ Chemical_SalesOrderSearch_Ext for “ECC SEARCH”. However there is no standard iFlow for ECC SEARCH, if you use HCI as the middleware.

If you use HCI as the middleware, then only option we have is to develop a simple custom iFlow, which does the same task as the standard one in SAP PI.

How do we achieve this? Attached document details the step by step guide in implementing a simple iFlow in HCI for the ECC SEARCH.

View  document on Google Drive;  Dropbox ;  OneDrive.