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SAP Investigative Case Management Overview

This business process support the creation and validation of know victims, suspects, witness, informants and any other person who are connected with the investigation.

This business process run as follows:

1-Identity Management

The system support the creation, validation and maintenance of identity data by registering the following information:

  • Physical or biometrical description
  • Profile of the person (education, skills, psychology, habits, and behaviour)
  • Pseudonym, assumed name or aliases
  • Addresses and possible whereabouts
  • Methods of making contact
  • Relationships with other persons/criminal organizations
  • Previous convictions and crimes
  • Previous imprisonments and periods in custody
  • Previous court appearances or court summons

The following objects are available in SAP CRM to support this business step:

Each identity is assigned to an investigation using a relationship type, which describes the role of the person/organisation in the investigation.

SAP CRM Business Partner with role "Investigative Case Management" offers different fields to register and identify a person/organisation.

Biometrical information is configured in the system using "Possible Field Values for Descriptions of Persons". Some descriptions are available as suggestions, such as:

  • Build
  • Contact Lenses
  • Ear Shape
  • Eye Color
  • Eyebrow Style
  • Facial Hair Style
  • Face Feature
  • Face Shape
  • Gender
  • Glasses Style
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Length
  • Hair Style
  • Piercing
  • Skin
  • Teeth Condition
  • Voice Accent

Profile of the person are configured using "Category Modeler" and maintained in the assignment block for profiles. The application ID for investigative case management is ICM Business Partner Profile (ICMBP_PROFILE).:

Alias and other names types can be configured  "Define Other Name Types" and maintained in assignment block "Other Names"

By using "Reliability"each source of information can be classified:

2-Identify Resolution:

By registering unknown person or organisation of interest with a minimal set of data, the system allows to collect the information using a clear format. The information is classified based on the reliability of the data.

If following a detailed analysis the investigator reaches the conclusion that two unknown identities entered actually involve the same person/organisation, those identities can be merged to create a single identity. It is also possible to establish a relationship between two different identities.

The merge of identity is supported by SAP CRM Cleansing Cases.

By configuring standard "Cleasing Cases", manually identity can be merged as result of an investigation.

Investigation Processing - Instigation / First Response