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Extensions are basically a collection of related functionality to perform a specific task.

Cuppy is one type of extension, which relates to betting. The functionality of the Cuppy extension includes:

  • Users are able to register, log on, and specify which league/competition to bet on

  • Shows details of future and past football matches

  • Users can place bets on upcoming matches

  • Assigning points to users based on the success of their bets

  • Ranking users according to their scores and presenting these to the users        and

  • Users will able to upload profile pictures


Extract the Hybris commerce suit zip file into a folder and then double click on the Hybris which I had highlighted.


Then you will be directed to "bin" folder and double click on bin folder.


Now open the "bin" folder and Double-click on the "custom" folder which I had highlighted.


Here we will be adding the different extensions related to cuppy extensions.
Below is the path where we can find the information related to cuppy extensions which are




Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform->Cmd.


Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform>setantenv.bat.

We will get the ant version.


Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform>ant clean all.

We will get the build successful message.


Go back  to your path hybris->config->loclaextensions.

Right click ->open with->Notepad++.

Now Give the all cuppy related extensions.


Again Go to your path Hybris->bin->platform>ant clean all.

We will get the build successful message.


Now go to your path hybris->bin->platform>hybrisserver.bat.

we will get the server started message.


Now go to localhost URL: https: localhost:9001.Then we will get HAC(Hybris administration console).Enter user credentials and click on login.

Now at Hybris Administration Console (HAC) click on the platform then select the update.


Now scroll down you can find cuppy related information which I had highlighted select the required data and then click on update.

After some time we will get the finished message.

Click on continue.Provide user details then Login.

Go to HAC->platform->extensions>.Here we will find out the list of extensions.


Now select the Cuppy extension.

Provide the user details and click on Login.


Go to rankings tab, here we will find the different player ratings.

Go to Bet tab, here we will find the different bet ratios.

Go to tournament tab, here we will find the different teams with divided by different groups.

Go to dashboard tab, here we will find the different players information.


Thanks for reading ?