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With SAP’s introduction of C/4HANA in June 2018, SAP has seen significant adoption of their new cloud-based CRM platform, especially within their customer service department. As businesses explore ways to use Cloud for Customer within their contact center, some are hoping to use it with their premise call center infrastructure, while some are migrating to cloud-based communication system.   This How-To Guide explores how customers can use DaVinci to integrate your C/4HANA within your contact center.

What is C/4HANA?

SAP C/4HANA is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce platform. It's made up of five applications: SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Customer Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, and SAP Customer Data Cloud.

SAP C/4HANA provides a full suite of front-office CRM functionality, like sales, service, and marketing, while also connecting to back-end ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA.  All of these applications are offered through SAP Cloud Platform.

What is DaVinci?

DaVinci is a cloud-based CRM and Contact Center integration platform that brings communication channels within the CRM / CSM application for a single pane of glass agent experience. Businesses can integrate a single communication stack or select channels from different vendors and combine them into a seamless UI. DaVinci supports premise and cloud-based communication platforms, from vendors like Avaya, Cisco, Aspect, Twilio, Nexmo and others. Creators Studio, the web-based configuration tool, call center administrators can select the CRM and Channel Apps, configure advanced settings like agent work modes, wrap-up codes, and not-ready reason codes, and assign profiles to agents across their contact center.

Getting Started

Setting up a test environment can be done quickly through a few basic steps:

  1. Create your DaVinci account through Creators Studio

  2. Configuring SAP C4C App and Channel App(s)

  3. Configuring C4C to Connect with DaVinci

Creating your DaVinci Account through Creators Studio

Creators Studio is a cloud-based administration portal, built for IT and contact center administrators to configure and deploy DaVinci to your agents. DaVinci is App-based, which makes configuration straightforward and quick.

To create your DaVinci account,, fill in your contact and account information, and select an initial CRM you’d like to start with.   Selecting a CRM app, performs some initial steps to make setup even faster, but don’t worry, switching CRM systems is an easy process.

Once you submit the information, you’ll receive your initial account and password information via e-mail, which you can use to access your new DaVinci account in Creators Studio.

Now you’re ready for Step B: Configuring SAP Cloud App and Channel App.

Configuring SAP Cloud App and Channel App(s)

Figure 1 - Creators Studio

If you selected “SAP C4C” during your account setup, you will see the DaVinci App for SAP Cloud already listed under “Installed Apps”. If you don’t see the DaVinci App for SAP Cloud, just select it from the apps listed under “Available Apps” and select “+ Add App” and it will be moved under “Installed Apps”.

You also need to select a DaVinci App for your communication platform. DaVinci supports premise communication platforms from Avaya, Cisco, and Aspect, and several cloud-based platforms from Twilio, Nexmo, RingCentral, and Skype for Business (Microsoft Phone System). If you don’t see your communication platform listed here, reach out to our Success Engineers who can discuss your options.

If you don’t yet have a communication platform, you can use the DaVinci App for Call Simulator, which simulates inbound and outbound calls without having to connect to a live communication platform, allowing you to quickly see the DaVinci Agent experience within your C/4HANA system.

Select the appropriate DaVinci App for your channels, add the App to your “Installed Apps”. Once it’s listed as an “Installed App”, click on it, navigate to the Setup Tab to read about any steps necessary to finalize the configuration.

Once this is done, you have just one more step – Step C: Configuring C4C to Connect with DaVinci

Configuring C4C to Connect with DaVinci

DaVinci App for SAP Cloud supports both SAP’s Responsive UI and SAP HTML5 UI. Responsive UI setup is much easier, as it only requires basic configuration of a Communication Provider, setting the Provider URL and a few other parameters and you’re ready to go. If you would like to configure DaVinci with the HTML5 UI option, please reach out to a Success Engineer that can provide you with the necessary steps.

The following steps need to be completed in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for the Responsive UI:

  1. Login to SAP – Responsive UI browser interface

  2. Go to Administrator > Service and Social > Live Activity Configuration

  3. Choose Live Activity Configuration in the Communications Channels section.

This link takes you to the Live Activity Configuration page.

  1. Configure the following

  • Provider – External Provider

  • Provider ID – BCM123

  • Provider URL -

  • Height – 450 and width – 350

  • Display Provider control – Yes

  • Search all Fields – Yes

  • Search Objects – Add the object names.


Figure 2 - Screenshot of the SAP C4C Configuration Screen

Taking Your First Call

Now that the configuration steps are complete, you’re ready to take your first call.

Log-in to your C4C User account and select the phone icon in the upper right. Enter your DaVinci User credentials and you’re now able to get voice calls, SMS, chat based on the DaVinci Apps you selected. Bringing up a contact record, also allows you to click on the phone number in the record to make an outbound call to that contact.

Figure 3 - C4C with DaVinci Toolbar


With DaVinci and C/4HANA, customers have a new option for improved customer service and agent experience.   For more information about DaVinci and our integration for C4C, please provide feedback here or send me a direct message.  I hope you’ve found this How-To Guide helpful.