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There are lot of Informations available on "how to import data into Hybris Marketing (On Premise and Cloud)" but there are few Informations are available to orchestrate on "how to export information from Hybris Marketing"

Manytimes there is a need arised to export relevant information and import to other System, for example: Reporting.


Use Case:

The Information can be made available to outside world with combination of CDS View and Analytic Query. I took one use case to illustrate the possibilities: The frequency of opened e-mal links.

When one Link is opened from an e-mail body, if the tracking is switched on, one Interaction "CLICK_THROUGH" automatically written to the identfied customer.


Steps to export the Data

In "Custom CDS Views"-App create a custom view using "i_Mkt_Interaction" as Primary Data Source: App-Group "Enhancement" -> Custom CDS-Views ->

In Field Selection, along with Standard fields, add a custom field:

in Field Properties choose the property of new field "I_Count" to "Sum".

Activate and Publish the Custome CDS View.


In Next step, create an Analytical Query in "Custom Analytical Queries"-App using the Custom CDS View: Query-Design -> Custom-Analytic-Queries -> Choos newly created as "Column" and required fields (optional) as part of Rows. Finish all the steps, save and release the View.

After you have released the view, click on Preview -> you can see on Top-Right corner some toolbar buttons, like the Excel Icon, Full-View:

First move the correct columns into rows, after that you can decide to download the data using Excel button, after the export the normal excel functionalities can be used to format the data. The sample data would look like:



This is just one example I have presented, the CDS and Analytic Query combination can be used for all kind of Data Extraction and can be used for reporting and problem solving purpose.