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1. Purpose

This is a step by step guide to configurate SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) and integrate with SAP Analytic Cloud (SAC).

We need to configurate C4C and Create new connections in SAC and consuming data exposed via OData

2. Pre-requisites

  • For type connection SAP Cloud for Customer Analytics in SAC:

Enable, Do you want to enable analytical OData services for data sources?

Create a Communication System

Create a New Communication Arrangement “Analytics DataSources OData” and use the Communication System created

Add a new password (Edit Credentials).


  • For Type Connection SAP Cloud for Customer in SAC:

We need to use Communication Arrangement OData Services for Business Objects and select one or more Odata Services


3.Creating new Connections and Model in SAC

After pre-requisites, please watch the next videos, this videos showing the next steps after we configurate C4C and I complete the configuration creating connections and model in SAC:

SAC and C4C Analytics DataSources OData (type connection SAP Cloud for Customer Analytics)

SAC and C4C OData Services for Business Objects (Type Connection SAP Cloud for Customer)



So to summarize, we were able integrate SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP Analytic Cloud. We setup C4C and SAC, Imported data from C4C into SAC Model.

Please leave a comment or ask question below.


5.Additional Information

If Build OData Queries Button Grayed Out or Missing in Business Analytics-Design Data Sources, see the next link