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Developers have often found it very inconvenient to add custom fields to a Business Object in the Development Client by actually going to the page of the respective Application. I thought of putting together the steps which can act as a guide to make the Application Enhancement Tool (AET)  link appear in the Navigation Bar.


Please perform the following steps:


1. Go to SRO->CRM->UI Framework->Technical Role Definition->Define Navigation Bar Profile and click on New Entries


2. Maintain the Details and click on Save



3. Double Click on Define Work Centers and click on New Entries



4. Maintain the entries, assign the Logical Link ID as AXT-SEARCH (which is responsible for AET) and Save



5. Go back to your Navigation Bar Profile you created in Step 2, double click on Assign Work Centres and click on New Entries



6. Assign the Work Center you created in Step 4 here and assign a position to it in the Navigation Bar profile and Save



7. Go to CRM->UI Framework->Business Roles->Define Business Roles and click on New Entries



8. Maintain Entries and Save



9. Now assign this Business Role to your User Profile in SU3 parameters.



Alternatively, you can also assign '*'  value to CRM_UI_PROFILE parameter. In that case, you have to select the ZAET Business Role from the list. In my case, I am just using the default ZAET business role.


Log in to CRM UI in the same development client and you'll be taken to the below home page.



So we have configured Application Enhancement Tool (AET) to be used separately in UI. Click on the link in the Navigation Bar now



Select the relevant Business Object from the List an continue with adding of Custom Fields to he appropriate Business Object.



I hope this blog help many of us to add Custom Fields using AET in a much easier and convenient way. Any feedback is highly appreciated.




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