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External List management

What is External List Management?

ELM tool enables to flexibly load business partner data and activity data from third party lists into CRM with most of the checks standard delivered such as data mapping, prospect generation and target group generation.

Features are

  1. Uploading of large numbers of data records in the CRM system both from  the client server and application server
  2. Creation of target groups for marketing prospects (one list =one target group)
  3. Campaign execution of target groups created out of marketing prospects (High volume campaigns)
  4. Creation of mapping format category Marketing prospects.

What is Marketing Prospects? A New partner type

  1. Marketing Prospect is not a business partner
  2. Has Leaner structure than the business partner (Only header data and marketing attribute)
  3. Can be created only via an external list upload; cannot be created manually
  4. Can be deleted
  5. Can be searched for

Customizing settings for ELM

Path: SPRO-> IMG->CRM->Marketing->ELM->Define list type

Also under ELM you can define origin, settings for parallel processing and workflow customizing.