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When I first started with SAP CRM I used to struggle for the latest document on each module of SAP CRM like Sale ,Services Marketing , Interaction canter , mobile clients ,middleware etc  these goes on..,

Unfortunately we have everything here in for all modules of SAP business suite one can download and kept it for later reference or can go through in one shot.

Expand /Click on customer Relationship mgmt options trust me we are done for the decades to come there are so many document which needs to be taken care.

By selecting the SAP Customer Relationship Management options one can able to follow the documents within based on the latest releases from SAP. Sometimes you may hear more outside but reflecting here takes some time in preparing these docs off course!

Once getting inside the versions vice option in the main page we have below mentioned options available in one stop.

SAP Notes with new release and SAP installation and upgrade information:

Configuration and Deployment Information and SAP security info:

System Administration and Maintenance Information /Application Help/SAP Fiori for SAP CRM :

Note : This will be helpful for new beginners in SAP irrespective of SAP module.

Happy Learning / Sharing!!!