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Hello Everyone!!

In the past I wrote couple of blogs to share my experience from real time Cloud for Customer projects. I'm sure everyone found them useful in one way other & I hope those helped Customers in their decision making process.

It makes a huge impact & influences dramatically if you get to hear the trues story from the actual people who have experienced the implementation & the ones who have implemented a project...LIVE!!

Also, it gives clear picture to the decision makers from the specific industry on choosing the right solution, as, its a validated proof of great success, with facts & figure & how exactly a solution is impacting the overall efficiency, productivity & the overall  business value the solution brings to a business.

I would keep it very short and simple in this one, and would like to share a great platform, a Live webinar, with free registration, hoping to help the decision makers expedite their decision making process, get real insights into the Business value a Cloud for Customer solution creates for a business.

I invite one and all, be it a consultant, a partner or an Organization who are keen to understand & hear a validated proof of the real value & benefits a Cloud for Customer solution bring to your business.

Closing deals today requires technology that is responsive and relevant with real-time analytics and personalization. Your sales force needs a solution which is affordable, easy to implement and integrates seamlessly with your back-office system, allowing for improved visibility into product catalog, pricing and availability!

Please feel free to register to hear from one of our Customers on how can your Sales Organization get a 360 degree view of your Customer & engage with them in a meaningful way!


  • How you can empower your sales team with a relevant, intuitive and easy to adopt tool
  • How your sales team closes deals faster and efficiently with real time analytics, account intelligence and relevant information
  • Learn about the core capabilities of SAP Cloud for Sales
  • Future road-map for SAP Cloud for Sales and complete Customer Engagement and Commerce Suite
  • Key features to look out for: mobility, email integration, pricing, quotes, orders, real-time reporting, etc.
  • Ask for: Customized demo, workshop, special offers etc.

Here is the link for free registration for the LIVE webinar (Right click the below link to open):


Hope this contributes to some level for anyone looking to implement a C4C Solution!



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