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As an administrator, you can translate or adjust texts for most areas such as application work centers, Feed, Live Activity, Enterprise Search categories, and most texts created in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

For example, if your Client needs to change the name field "External ID" to "External SAP ID", since the collaborators of the company also know them, this will only take 5 minutes at most.

But, 5 minutes!!! Really? Yes, I am sure! Most of the time is lost in looking for the information and knowing tips and tricks. In this blog, I show you those tips and tricks to get the goals in 5 min.

Then, “souls to work…”


  • Scenario

  • Pre-requisites

  • Create a New Language Adaptation

  • Collect Texts

  • Adapt and Translate Texts

  • Some issues

  • Useful links


  1. Change the label text "External ID" to "External SAP ID” in the Customer Work center.

Note: This scenario not cover the Export and Import Text Using Microsoft Excel.


  • Due to technical reasons, there are a limited number of screen texts that cannot be adapted, such as, the migration workbench, and some texts in the Analytics work center.

  • The logon language extension only appears after you have created and filled a text pool for that language. To remove a language from the logon screen without deleting the corresponding adapted texts, navigate to Business Configuration Fine-Tune  Additional Communication Languages and deselect Language is Allowed for the desired language.


  1. Get the ID name of label text

    1. Go to the WC Account and open one register in the Customer view (1, 2, 3)

    2. Go the Adapt mode and find the label text (4)

    3. Copy the id text pool and save in txt for used letter (5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    4. End the adaptation mode. 🙂




Create a New Language Adaptation

  1. Go to the Work center Administrator à General settings à Language Adaptations (1, 2, 3)

  2. Click in the top button for Create a new Text Pool (4)

  3. Enter the the following text in the mandatory fields: (a, b, c, d)

    1. ID

    2. Name

    3. Select a language from the Source Language drop-down list.

    4. Select a language from the Target Language drop-down list

  4. Click in the button Save and Open (5)



  • I recommend that you create a language adaptation from the account work center because most objects appear in this work center (opportunity, sales quote, sales orders, lead, etc). Then you can change from this language the most label text that you need to change.

  • I recommend that you create the same source and target language if you need to change only the text labels. That means, that you not making transductions. 🙂

Collect Texts

Open the Language Adaptation ID you created in the previous step.

  1. Under Text Types to be collected, place a check mark in the text type you want to collect.

    1. In the Work Centers Collected for Texts section, select the desired work center. (1, 2, 3)

  2. You can choose to collect the following text types from the work centers:

    1. Get UI Texts - These are static texts on the user interface such as, labels, columns headers, button texts, tool tips, and area headers. (5)

    2. Get Code Texts - Code descriptions are shown as value help (drop down selections) on the user interface. (6)

    3. Get Message Texts - These include information, warnings, and error texts that are displayed on the UI. (7)

    4. Get Analytical Report Texts - These include adaptable key figures and characteristics from SAP reports as well as custom reports. (In this case is not select)

  1. Click Save and save often when working in the tool. (8)

  2. Click Collect Texts. This process can take a few minutes to complete. (9)

  3. Click Save.


  • The steps 3 and 5 is very important because if you change the node you will lost the collect.

Adapt and Translate Texts

In this step, you will begin adapting and translating texts from text pools to meet your business needs.

  1. Click the tab of the text type you collected in the previous step, such as the UI Texts

  2. You can use the Sortfilter to conveniently find the field you wish to adapt.

  3. From the column ID paste the ID Text saved in Prerequisites. You must be some like this: BC0LUBM6Y4gnlETS98Guy0

  4. In the column Target Text, you fill the label that you need.

  5. Click in Save and check the change in the Customer!!!! Then, 5 min? Well, maybe 10 for the delay in the step Collect Text 🙂

Some issues

    1. Unable To Edit Target Text In Language Adaptation? In this case, check KBN 2534424 - Unable to edit target text in language adaptation (see link below), and if unable to solve, check if other older collection text exists and find text of the label there.

    2. If the node UI text is empty, check if you selected the work center or left the window without saving before. It usually happens but you can repeat the step of collecting text.

    3. The action of collecting text does not load, please be patient and wait for it to load. Most of the time it takes more than 5 min. You must be patient ...

    4. Finally if you have other issue shared it here for help you...:)

Useful links


I am especially grateful to @guenter.wilmer for the blogs related to this topic since with his help I was able to find my answers faster.

Best regard!

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