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Hi all:

In this post I share with you some new features coming soon in the C4C 2005 Release.

Here I only mention some of the functionalities that will facilitate the day to day for those who work with the product.

What’s new in 2005 for Fiori UI 

    1. New actions visualization in Approval EC: Feature is enabled through a switch. Please create an incident.

      • Actions are shown as buttons with text on the approval Section 

      • Earlier the actions were shown as a buttons with icons. 

         2. New company settings to hide notifications 

    • Users will not be able to use notifications if the company setting is switched on. 

      • Setup details in User profile setting -- Company Settings

        3. Additional Fields in Donut Charts

    • Key User fields can define additional fields that can be used in Donut charts

      • Setup details -- Switch on the key user property



 What’s new in 2005 for Business Partner

  1. Plant available for Account Sales Data

    • Customers can now link Plant information from ERP into C4C

      • Setup details -- Administrators can enable Plant at the Organization Structure.


    2. Name Formatting is now available for various Business Partners persons

    • Administrators can already maintain Name Formats via Fine Tuning for General Business Partners 

What’s new in 2005 for Key User Tools

  1. Label changes are now supported in KUT

    • Label changes are now supported in KUT


Also, if you need to know what other functionalities will be releases check the link and shared with the comunity: CXWIKI



Best regard!