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Hi all:

If you want to go ahead and find out what is the latest accelerator in the implementation projects proposed by SAP, you may be need to start reading this blog.

I share what I learned after passing the certification enabled in Open SAP but my gaze is more oriented to the Model Company for Customer Experience.

What kind of topic I cover here?


  1. What is SAP Model Company?

  2. SAP Model Company Planned Portfolio 2020

  3. Deployment options for SAP Model Company services

  4. How to install SAP Model Company on Premise (SAP Video)

  5. How to creating an Instance in CAL (SAP Video)

  6. SAP Model Company for SAP Customer Experience (Applications and Acelerators)

  7. Finaliy, I shared the recommender SAP Model Company for help you to choose your Industry.

At each point I leave you a link of interest so you can find more response about this topic.


1. What is SAP Model Company?

"SAP Model Company is the baseline for the entire SAP product portfolio, for on-premise single tenant & multi-tenant cloud or hybrid platforms, led by industries and based on the LoB platform, fully interoperable – end-to-end" That was the definition of Stephan Klein, SVP, SAP Model Company Lead, SAP Digital Business Services. In other words, it is the accumulated experience that gives us advice and facilitates the implementation (less time, less risk, more win). If you've set up the scoop on a project in C4C, you can get an idea. (a bit small idea, that if!).

In a Nutshell, is:

▪ is a pre-packaged, ready-to-use, end-to-end reference solution for SAP S/4HANA, SAP C/4HANA, or SAP SuccessFactors
▪ is tailored to a specific industry or line of business
▪ comprises state-of-the-art applications and proven best practices
▪ captures the experience from successful, real-life digital transformation projects
▪ is embedded in an overall transformation road map, sold and delivered as a service

2. SAP Model Company Planned Portfolio 2020

In the portafolio SAP is talking about industries, line of business, and perhaps the greatest interoperability you can have between your products and the cloud. An image says more than a thousand words...

In this link you can get the  factsheets per model company, references and vision statement


3. Deployment options for SAP Model Company services

There are basically three deployment options available.

  1. Cloud Provide- Customers use their own cloud provider account to connect to a dedicated model company instance located in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. This option is sugest if if a customer already has an account at Amazon Web Services in place.

  2. On premise- Customer can deploy a model company on premise. This option is sugest if the customer has the required system landscape ready to run.

  3. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud- Customer has no system ready, but has an SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud contract already in place. This deployment option involves further SAP services to get the model company solution ready to run.

In this link you will access to the pre-packaged SAP Model Company appliances (service order required), Getting Started Guides


4. How to install SAP Model Company on Premise (SAP Video) <-- Click in link

5. How to creating an Instance in CAL (SAP Video) <-- Clic in the link

6. SAP Model Company for SAP Customer Experience

SAP Model Company for SAP Customer Experience (MCCX) provides a set of leading practices and processes based on SAP real-life implementation experience of SAP Customer Experience.
It provides flexible, modular scope options for B2B and B2C scenarios.

It covers end-to-end customer experience of 160 (as of May 2020, please check the release notes for the latest update) ready to run, fully documented lead-to-cash processes, enabling an agile project team to show standard capabilities SAP Customer Experience solution already in Sprint 0.

Business Processes and Capabilities

  • Marketing segmentation: Create and manage segmentation models, rules,
    and target groups for optimized customer addressing

  • Marketing profiling: Identify, capture, and enrich customer profiles across
    all sources

  • Marketing automation: Manage and execute marketing campaigns and
    campaign flows; Trigger event-based campaigns

  • Marketing assets and collaboration: Define mail templates, dynamic
    landing pages, and text messages

  • Marketing recommendations: Develop and run recommendation scenarios
    and models

  • Marketing analytics: Report campaign performance on accounts, contacts,
    and profiles

  • Web store management: Optimize search and navigation features
    available in the storefront, enabled by omnichannel touchpoints

  • Products and promotions: Manage products and promotions data, configuration, and classification

  • Business-to-consumer orders: Work with an e-commerce purchasing and checkout journey

  • Business-to-business orders and quotations: Use advanced ecommerce sales processes

  • Commerce integration: Integrate master data and transactional data between SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Customer data: Identify and engage customers in a secure environment, providing transparency and controlled data governance

  • Contact to lead: Create marketing leads from customer contacts and interactions to store customer interests

  • Lead to opportunity: Nurture and manage leads, qualifying them and converting them into concrete sales opportunities

  • Opportunity to quote: Manage business-to-business quotations to close deals and capitalize real opportunities

When to Consider

  • Discover the capabilities and innovations of the comprehensive SAP C/4HANA suite for your specific use case

  • Prepare and explore using a ready-to-run system for enablement, fit-gap analysis, and solution design

  • Support an agile and lean implementation approach with hands-on experience from day one
    Address resource bottlenecks in IT and business and reduce time and effort during realization


  • SAP Commerce Cloud

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud

  • SAP Marketing Cloud

  • SAP Sales Cloud


  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  • SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Business-process documentation

  • Configuration guides

  • Test Scripts

  • Templates for SAP-S/4HANA migration cockpit

See the summary of the accelerators in PDF.The same way you can explorer the SAP Best Practices Explorer for find more details


7. Recommender SAP Model Company for help you to choose your Industry. 

In this link you can find the recommender for select the industry that you need for your Company Model. Here you can choose the industry and find the Business Processes and Capabilities, Applications, Delivery Approach, When to Consider, Services scope options, Applications, Benefits.

RecommenderLink for Recommender

All shared links are from the Open SAP Getting Started with SAP Model Company course. I leave you the link to the course, maybe you want to know more. (Course Open SAP: Model Company)


I hope this approach helps you to know the beginning of a new era. Please take a minute and tell me what you think about the pre-package and if you have any real experiences in this kind of project.

Best regard!