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Hi there,


If you are having issues with the button Generate Summary in the Appointments. You might came across to these notes as well:

2324115 - Why is Generate Summary for Appointments not working properly

2262805 - Generate Summary Not Possible For Appointments With Category Customer Visits

Then, this post is for you!

To enable the Summary for different types of appointments you just need to follow the steps below.


1. Go to the Fine-tuning and select Activities.

2. There you need to configure the option Assignment of Categories to add the desired categories.

3. Then go to Summaries.

4. There you just need to choose categories that you would like to add in the summaries of appointments.

5. Then, the categories you choose above will be able to generate summary in appointments. The other ones, will not allow it.


Here are some examples of how it worked after correct configuration.


For any other category the Generate Summary will be grayed out, like in the image below.


Moreover, the note below might be related to this issue.

2681526 - In The Appointment TI The Generate Summary Button is Greyed out


The appointment below has not customer (account). Then even the category allowing to generate a summary, you will not be able to do it. Unless you add and customer to the appointment.

Then, simple add an account and you will be able to generate the summary.

Hope this helps you with any issue related to the summary in appointments.


Best regards,

Marlos Damasceno