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In the realm of seamless customer service, a new chapter begins as customers send his invoice for his queries. Once uploaded to the Service Cloud, the scene transforms with BTP Document Extraction and its extracts intricate data, shaping the narrative in json format.. ChatGPT steps in, crafting a concise summary that captures the essence. As the story unfolds, products seamlessly find their place within the case, setting the stage for swift and precise solutions.

Key Capabilities

  • Easily integrate with SAP Service cloud v2

  • Easily integrate with BTP Document Extraction Service


  • SAP Service cloud v2

  • SAP BTP Document Extraction Service

  • Generative AI - ChatGPT

Step 1: The customer forwards an email containing an invoice to the customer support team due to an incorrect billing amount.

Step 2: An incoming email triggers the automatic creation of a case in Service Cloud Version 2 system Wherein the attachment was automatically included.

Step 3: BTP Document Extraction service

This will help to extract the invoice details to json format

I'm utilizing Postman for this task, and it's possible to develop a middleware using ODATA services. This extraction process will gather comprehensive details such as customer information, products, address, and more.

Step 4: ChatGPT

The provided JSON input was utilized to generate a compact summary, enhancing the agent's comprehension without the necessity to access the PDF.

The above json output provided earlier contains information about the processing of an invoice document. The document details, extraction and enrichment data, header fields extracted (such as sender and receiver details, purchase order number, tax ID, etc.), line items, and currency code are all included. This data was summarized by ChatGPT and added to the case description.


This concise summary, appended to the case description, facilitates the agent's understanding without requiring them to open the PDF.

Note: i had used postman and chatgpt. please use API to develop this

Conclusion; Incorporating advanced features such as document extraction and seamless integration of conversational AI within Service Cloud Version 2 marks a significant stride towards enriching the platform's capabilities. This integration empowers users with efficient document handling and enhanced customer interactions, establishing a more robust and effective service ecosystem.