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There are many documents and posts on how to setup up and configurate the communication between ERP and SAP Cloud for Customers using HANA Cloud Integration, but there is a lack of documentation on how to test it.

For that reason i created two documents on how the communication can be tested:

The incoming connection from SAP Cloud for Customers to ERP is more complex than the outgoing connection from ERP to C4C, as there is the Reverse Proxy (SAP Webdispatcher) as an additional component involved.

The connection tests can be really helpful to find and identify problems. So the communication can be tested until it finally works.

For configuration purposes these documents have been a good help:

SAP Best Practices for SAP Cloud for Customer Integration V10.ALL:

Technical Connectivity Guide for OnDemand - OnPremise Hybrid Applications :

How to Configure SAP Web Dispatcher as Reverse Proxy for SAP CRM or SAP ECC  using HANA Cloud Integration :</p></body>

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