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One of the features that comes with SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 is the Digital Selling Workspace feature. With this feature, users will be able to use the system with maximum efficiency on a single screen. KPI cards designed in the system display your daily and weekly progress and allow you to keep your sales activities dynamic. By using search lists in the Digital Selling Workspace, you can create opportunities and evaluate an existing opportunity while conducting your interactions. 

In this blog post, we'll take a quick look at the Digital Selling Workspace screens included with SAP Sales Cloud V2.  

The dwService service must be added to the business roles in the system in order to use the Digital Sales Workspace feature. sap.crm.dswservice.uiapp.dswApp must be enabled to view the Digital Selling Workspace business center. 

The tabs on the DSW screens consist of the following;  

  1. Call List 

  2. Leads 

  3. Opportunities 

  4. Tasks 

  5. Calendar Activities 

  6. KPI Cards 

1. Call List; 

With call lists, sales teams lead customers to communicate efficiently and effectively through various channels. Call lists are used for Sensation, Customer and Target Groups. The account team is added to the relevant object. Scripts or templates can be added to the call list to direct the sales team. On the Digital Selling Workspace screens, the call lists defined in the system are displayed. Call and e-mail interactions can be made with the participants of the call lists. The interactions are completed with the complete button.  

How to create a new call list in the system; 

Go to the Call List workcenter and open the creation screen with the + button. The Call List creation process consists of four steps. 

Add Participant: After filling the Name, Category, Start/End Date, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division fields for the Call List, select the participants to be added to the list. Add from Leads, Contacts and Target Groups options are available for the participants to be added. 


Add Sales Teams: The sales team that will be responsible for the relevant call list and can view the list is selected (The availability icon indicates if there are overlapping call list assignments during the selected period.) 

Add Scripts: Scripts are added so that the sales team can capture relevant data while interviewing attendees (You can add one or multiple scripts that are predefined in Surveys with the category call script.) 

Define Objectives & Topics: Enter your goals and related topics for the search list you will create. 

With the Save & Active button, your call list becomes ready for use. 

2. Leads; 

In this tab, the leads in the system that are assigned an appointment activity are displayed. Can make changes on related leads . A new lead can be created. You can manage your appointments that have been added to the lead. 

The Lead creation screen is opened with the + button. After filling in the relevant fields, click Save & Open to go to the detail of the lead.

In the lead detail screen, activity is added to the lead so that it is visible on the Digital Selling Workspace screen.

3. Opportunities; 

All opportunities created in the system can be viewed in this tab without adding any activity. You can add activities to related opportunities and edit them to make them mature. You can complete the status of the interactions you have added and cancel them if necessary. From opportunity activity view, in addition to planned activities, you can see proposals derived from playbook. Proposed activities are derived from the playbook in the selected timeframe. You can choose to remove the proposed activities from the list using Dismiss option. (In the leads view, you can manage the activities added to the lead from the playbooks.) 

4. Tasks; 

You can view all your task activities created in the system from this tab. With the quick filters on this tab, you can follow, edit and complete your tasks with the My Day, My Plans, My Important filters. You can quickly create a new task using the + button. 

5. Calendar Activities; 

You can manage your appointment activities directly from the calendar area in Digital Selling Workspace. 

6. KPI Cards; 

Manage the status of your activities and analyze your current leads and opportunities with the Tasks, Appointments, My Lead Conversion Rate, My Win Rate KPI cards on the Digital Selling Workspace screen. 

An Important Information: 

In order to use the Digital Selling Workspace feature effectively, other necessary configurations in the system must be completed. 

-Configure Phone Calls

-Create an E-Mail Template

-Enable/Configure Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)