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This blog will make you to understand the deployment procedure in SAP Cloud Application Studio for the C4C custom developments.

Usually, all the custom developments or standard enhancements are done in development tenant in SDK (SAP Cloud Application Studio). And then later transport those changes to rest of the tenants like Test and Production tenants.

In SAP on premise systems, usual landscape for the transport the custom or enhancement is Development Client, QA (Testing) Client and Production Client. Here the procedure starts from record the changes in Transport Request Number, release it and then Transport it to the next level clients.

But in C4C, every change and UI (User Interface) designs will be recorded under Solution (its like a package) that can be downloaded into your desktop and then upload it into other tenants like test and production. Here few prerequisites should be followed before downloading and uploading.


  • Select your solution that you want to deploy from development tenant.

  • Make sure to activate all objects.

  • Make sure to check-in all files (objects).

  • Your solution status should be “In Development”. You can still download your solution even though the status of the solution is “Assembled” (not “In Development”).

  • You make sure to check logs by pressing “Show Log files” in Implementation Manager. Log will show the detail information deployment on each stage.

Step 1: Assemble and Download

  • Login into SAP Cloud Application Studio (SDK) tool in development tenant.

  • Go to menu bar Administration -> Implementation Manager.

  • Just cross check the version.

  • For Business User should be ENABLED

  • Select Assemble and Download.

  • See the below snap.

Note: Once you press “Assemble and Download” of your solution, you will not be able to edit or add new functionality (code) or objects to your solution. After successfully assembled and downloaded, you are then create a PATCH (you can see the icon beside “Assemble and Download”) to edit your solution.

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