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For debugging JAVA based IPC user exit , you would need one thing which is not exactly a part of SAP CRM but you must know. If you followed the Blog Part 1, you have noticed that for creating a debug configuration in NWDS , we need to provide the Host.

So how do we find the host ? We need to do the following

Go to the transaction SMICM( ICM Monitior) . Follow this menu path Menu->Goto-> Parameters -> Display. The value in blue box would be the FQDN or fully qualified domain , that you need to enter in the host.

Also another cleaner way to set the breakpoints for Debugging the IPC Java routines is that instead of doing steps 1 & 2 as described in Blog Part 1, we can use the program RS_RFC_EXT_BREAKPOINTS. Run the program . Enter the FM Name - SPC_GET_PRICING_PROCEDURE_INFO and provide the client & user info. Once you have done that you don't need to set any SU3 Parameter.

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