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Customer Engagement is a white-hot topic.  Everybody is talking about it, but there is a big difference between those who can "walk the walk and those who "talk the talk".

The best way to create Customer Engagement is to have a personal experience with your customer and make sure that they know you care about them. Integrating your Contact Center with instant access to everything you know about your customer (both ERP and CRM data) is key. Agents are empowered with knowledge of the:

  • History of the customer relationship (and how valuable they are to your company)
  • Customer's buying history (including their credit and payment history)
  • Context of why the customer may be calling - what happened during their last transaction?

Simplifying information feeds with a single, centralized database for your Contact Center, ERP and CRM systems and presenting a single screen for agents eliminates the need to toggle between multiple screens of data, a costly waste of the customers time. Shorter transaction times and greater efficiency is key in delivering best-in-class performance.

The Aberdeen Group's Agent Desktop Optimization:  Agents Can Finally Focus on the Customer analyzed characteristics of the top 20% performers. In 43% of those, "...the building block of top performers agent desktop management initiatives focused on simplification and integration." Too many agent screens is also a waste of money.  26% of agents time was spent looking for relevant data across different systems and the cost of each additional screen is $1,400 per agent, per year.

Recently we held a webinar that featured how Wacker Neuson used Personalized Customer Engagement as a strategic initiative. If you were unable to attend our webinar on February 27, you can click on this link to access this webinar and still listen to it.