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Slowly but surely, we will eventually transition to a culture where cloud-based technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and more will be considered as the norm.

We are even looking into experiences may it be the customers, employees, or even experience management as a whole. All of these can be a handful for businesses and employees who are transitioning to these new technologies and changes.

An Intelligent Enterprise can do wonders for the businesses, but it can only go so far if it is not properly accepted by the people utilizing it.

Some may be scared of the idea of automation. Some may even prefer the old-fashioned approach.

In this post, I will share some high level thoughts or insights as to why SAP Consultants or any IT professional should take importance in empowering their clients throughout the transition to an Intelligent Enterprise.

The Mindset and Power of Customer Empowerment

A good mindset goes a long way but being able to influence others with a good mindset leads to growth – on both the "influencer" and the "influenced".

This is where the term “customer empowerment” comes into the picture. Gone are the days where a product or service is simply provided to a customer.

As SAP Consultants or any IT Professional, we are given the challenge of crafting an Intelligent Enterprise for the customers. This challenge in turn gives us the opportunity to create a positive influence through customer empowerment.

What do I mean by customer empowerment? It can be as simple as empowering the customer to use the technologies and showing them how they can benefit from it. It is not enough to provide the product or service. We need to invest a portion of our time and exert effort to really help these customers understand the following:

  • The Benefits – What can they get out of it?

  • How can they use and leverage the new technology? – Important!

  • What information is there?

Through these new technologies, we are providing them with the tools and resources for their success. It should not end there. We need to ensure that they know how to use them.

A top of the line car will serve no use if the owner or driver does not know how to drive it. It would be there just for show. Thus, the importance of really educating our customers.

Allow them to leverage the product or service and use the technologies to its full potential. Allow them to reap the results. Empower them to own these technologies and see them as their avid supporters, helping hand, or even work partners. Allow them to experience convenience and how these technologies can help them make smarter decisions.

Fostering this type of positive mindset goes a long way and takes their experience on a meaningful level.

Who knows, it may even create a "ripple effect" or culture where these technologies no longer give the wrong impression (i.e. intimidating) but considered as helping hands / factors of success.

Feel free to share some customer empowerment insights as well! 🙂