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In this post we are going to learn how to handle translation requirement of titles of a CRM Web UI pages.


Requirement - Many times our SAP CRM webUI system is exposed to multi linguistic market and business can demand to change label of fields as per their local language. Though SAP has provided language translation for all countries but than too customers may demand for their local language. In the below screen customer might want to change following labels once login language is Chinese

  1. Customer wants to change the labels like Name, Province , E-Mail once user login in Chinese in local Chinese known to local business.

  2. Customer wants to change label Identify account once user login in chinese

  3. Customer wants to change label Result list


  1. For 1st solution we should login to business role in the given language where we want to change label .After logging we will navigate to that work center and  press to configuration button and select that particular configurable page.Now select the configurable area where we want to change label. We will select configurable area which name is part of. Next below configurable area will open Next We will go  select Name and click on Show field properties .Below additional screen will open on the right hand sideHere we can see field Label ,we will make change to label and it will reflect in our business role.

2. For the second requirement, the default Work center of page is suppose Customer search as shown in below image .To change the the Window title Identify Account we first have to find out window name. Please refer my blog How to find out Window name from Work center in SAP CRM Webui

  • Once we find out the window name we will navigate to tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB and key in our component name.

  • Go to window we found out and navigate to breadcrumbs and message area , We need to enhance IF_BSP_WD_HISTORY_STATE_DESCR~GET_STATE_DESCRIPTION method and put our custom title name .

3. In our third requirement customer wants to rename Result list when login language is Chinese and only for few business roles, hence we cannot make a global change and alter SAP standard language pack. Below are the steps to be followed.

  • First and foremost we will find out from where this result list label is coming.

  • Navigate to result view set and we will find  out result view as shown below

  • We will navigate to .htm page, generally SAP uses OTR concept to display titles on webui

  • We can create our OTR and in .htm page replace existing OTR with our custom OTR based on business roles and logon language.

Thus we conclude that apart from standard translation we can also place our custom translation to a page in web Ui.