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Preliminary note: this project was developed on SAP Netweaver 7.02 SP11 with GW 2.0 SP04 Developer edition available here... so actually there's no need for a CRM system to be able to play with it (despite the title of this blog), as soon as component WEBCUIF is present in your system.

If you do not know BMDG (Bol Master Data Generator) yet, you might want to take a look at the following links:

CRM7.01: what if you could create complex master data models in one click?

CRM7.01: bol master data generator

CRM7.01: secret weapon for data model creation

The great news it that, as of version 3.00, not only can the Bol Master Data Generator helps you create master data, but it can also change existing ones! Indeed you will now be granted the ability to change any kind of data by using bol query objects (or dynamic query objects) to retrieve what you need to modify. For more details about how it works you can check this video I created with an example based, as usual, on the FLIGHT model:

I will probably include one last thing to make it complete when time allows: a file upload functionality... I believe this will make it the perfect tool to manipulate master data: I know SAP delivered the Data Import Tool in CRM EhP2 for Utilities, but, unlike BMDG, it is sad to see that this standard solution is Industry-specific and I've been told that some coding is required to make it work for any kind of object...

So in case you're interested in saving a lot of time when creating/importing data into your system, feel free to join BMDG project on Assembla.