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In this Blog you would learn how to change the GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) of a material after the ECC to CRM interface.

Below is the scenario where we have to change the GTIN number for a product.

Steps for implementing program is given below.

Step1: Select all products for which GTIN has to be updated by using table  "comm_product" .

Step2: Use the Function Module "COM_COMM_PR_GTIN_MAINTAIN_READ" to read the product details by passing the Product GUID selected from COMM_PRODUCT.

This would read the product details and fill the Maintain internal table along with related back-end internal tables.


Implement custom logic to calculate GTIN value and collect it in LV_GTIN variable update the internal table "IT_SET_MAINTAIN" as given below.

Step4: Use Function Module "COM_COMM_PR_GTIN_MAINTAIN_UPD"  to update the product with the new GTIN value.

By calling the above FM new GTIN values will not be saved to back end tables. As the values are updated in the local internal tables of the FM but not for global internal tables.

Step5: Use FM "COM_COMM_PR_GTIN_SAVE_LOCAL " to save the changed GTIN value to global internal tables.

Use FM  "COM_COMM_PR_GTIN_SAVE" to save the data to back end tables.


Step6: Refresh the internal tables data to make it ready for next data change.


By following these step we can develop a ABAP program which can allow to change the GTIN value for a product in CRM.
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