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I want to share with you guys a mapping I did, because when I received the requirement I did some research and couldn't find what I was looking for, so in case somebody else is having the same request this document will be helpful.

This is related to tables and relationships between a Contract Service in CRM and where to find the object list (in my case Installed Base) for the corresponding item in the contract and the details like equipment data.

I think the most helpful tool I used to reach my objectives was tcode ST05, however I couldn't skip myself to do some debug task, because I didn't know where some of the keys to read the tables shown in ST05 were coming from. I found that sometimes a value is taken from a field table and is passed trough a method and converted and then used to read the next table.

Please find below the diagram I build, hopefully is understandable and useful.

The whole thing started with a transaction ID which is our Contract number. This data can be found as Object_ID in table CRMD_ORDERADM_H the rest is outlined below:

Remember sharing is caring, as a good friend told me, see you in the next post.