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This is continuation of blog CRM-C4C integration

In this blog I would share steps that we followed for account & its relationship data transfer.

Below steps were carried out

  • Once crmpcd_create_connectivity_sim is executed with account as scope, xif settings are created. As well standard idoc type will be assigned to partner profile.

  • If you have any custom fields in your landscape you can create custom idoc.

  • We can create custom idoc using BDFG tcode.

  • Once custom idoc is created we can assign it to partner profile as highlighted below

  • Do cross check if site which got created properly once initial replication program is run.

  • Also check if it is assigned to BDOC types.

  • Give message type to PI team and ask them to import structure from CRM and map its field with C4C field. C4C team should share Business partner WSDL with PI team .

  • Once these all are in place, any changes to a BP will trigger an outbound idoc.

  • Additional filter of data can be made in crmxif_partner_map badi

  • Similarly crmxif_partner_rel_save_m message type is added to partner profile & its corresponding site setting is also built once we complete execution of Sim program.

  • Whenever a relationship is added ,an idoc will be created.

Thus we can send account data and its relationship from CRM to C4C.

By standard we have following reports to transfer account information and its relationships:-

  1. CRMXIF_PARTNER_TEST - Extract Account detail

  2. CRMPCD_BUPA_EXTRACT - Extract Account detail

  3. CRMPCD_BUPA_REL_EXTRACT - Extract Account relationship detail