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Hello Friends ! In this blog post I am going to explain how the medias that we created in our previous blog(Media Creation in SAP Hybris(Digital Asset Management) can be grouped into a Media container and finally how this Media container can be linked to the required product.

1. Media Container:

We create a Media Container in order to group related medias. For example, we have a product and related medias of different sizes like a detailed picture of 300Wx300H, a thumbnail media, a medium size media.

Now all these medias are related to one product, so we can group them together and place in a media container and then use this media container for that product.

Let us see this in Hybris Management Console.

a) Login to HMC and go to Multimedia->Media Container and right click on it.

Below Screen will appear.

b) Provide the Qualifier(unique id) for your container, the corresponding catalog version(need to be same as the product), and name(is optional).

c) Right click on the table for Media then Add Media, as shown below.

Search for the required Media that are to be added to the Container. Select them and click on Use.

All the selected Medias will be added in the Medias section, as shown below.

Now click on Create, then Save.

The Media container is created. You can try searching using the Qualifier.

2.  Link this Media to the required Product.

Open the required Product, following the below path in HMC.

Go to Multimedia tab and provide the Media Container in Gallery Images.

Right click and click on Add Media Container.

Search for the media container, select it and click on use.

Save the Product.

When you search the product in your storefront, you can see the images that were grouped in the Container.

Hope this was useful. In the next blog, I will be posting how the creation of media/media container, product and linking a media to product could be done using IMPEX.

Thanks for reading !
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