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Hello Developers!!!

This blog is to create a custom data source which will fetch all the Lead and it's connected Opportunity status.

To do so first we have to go to the Business Analytics WC and choose the Design Data Sources WCV.

Next, we must create a custom joined data source to retrieve the Lead status and its concerned Opportunity Sales Phase information. In order to create a new joined data source click on the arrow in the new button and choose Joined data source.

The reason why I am choosing a joined Data Source is to get accurate results by setting one of my table as anchor.

Once you click, a new window will open. Here you will have to mention the Data source name, Description and the join type which you're gonna use, like below.

Once that's done, click on Add Data Source button to add a data source, a box will open, now click the OVS button to see all the data sources or else type in the box if you already know the name of data sources which you require. Here I'm going to select one of the standard data source from SAP named "Lead" for this requirement.

now after choosing the first data source. the the box will be listed with the fields within the data source like below, you can click on the checkbox next to it and choose the fields which you desire to have in your report. Here make sure you have chosen the "ID of Successor Opportunity" field.

Once that's done, you can click on OK, which will open the selected fields like below.

In order to fetch the exact data for the connected opportunity we will have to add another standard data source named "Opportunity Header". To choose the second Data Source to join, click on Add Data source -> choose the second data source like above.

You can select the list of fields required from the opportunity as well following the same process.

Here make sure that you choose the field "Opportunity ID" which will be a key field used to join data of the corresponding lead.

In case the "Opportunity ID" is automatically set as a join with "ID of Successor Opportunity" you can check the data source and save it.

If now you will have to Join it by clicking on the opposite field for the "ID of Successor Opportunity" and add "Opportunity ID" in "Opportunity Header" data source like below.

Once that's done you can check the data source to check it's consistency and Save and Close.

The new data source is now ready which can be used in reports, to fetch expected data (Lead & connected Opportunity data) from the system.

In order to know how to create a report you can refer my profile, where you can see the step by step process in detail.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. We have lot more coming, so do like and follow for more such content.

Bye bye!! 🙂

Ananthu R Biju

Senior C4C Consultant