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Hey All,

I am writing this blog to serve as central information on How to save the email from outlook directly to a new lead in C4C. Here you will find the steps to achieve in your system and get to know about how they work technically.

Key Capabilities-Add Possibility to save email just at creating lead for better usability.

Note: SAP C4C Server-side Integration with Microsoft Outlook is a must to achieve the end goal. Please follow below mentioned blog post for more information.

C4C Server-side Integration with Microsoft Outlook | SAP Blogs.

Getting Started

Step 1] Go to Email Integration Work Center and then select Groupware Settings WC View.

Fig 1. Email Integration WC - Groupware Settings WC View

Step 2] Go to the PROFILES Tab as shown below and click on pencil icon next to the respective profile to make the changes.

[Profile is a collection of configuration settings and parameters. When administrators provision users, a profile is assigned to each user. To be provisioned, users must be assigned to a profile.]

Fig 2. Groupware Settings - Profiles Tab

Step 3] Click on ADD-IN SETTINGS tab and then check the "Lead" Checkbox on the top.

Note: -Please make sure that this checkbox is checked otherwise Lead card will not be visible to you.

Fig 3. Groupware Settings - Profiles - ADD-IN Settings

Step 4] Go to Lead Card, here you can be able to see the three important Tabs.

    1. Detailed View                                                   Fig 4. Lead Card - Detail View

      • The main purpose of the tab is to Add/remove the fields that you want while creating the lead from outlook.

      • If you want the field to be displayed in outlook while creating the lead, then "Display on create" should be checked.

      • Click on the Pencil icon to apply the properties of the fields such as Read Only/Required by selecting the respective checkboxes.

      • Please note that, the Setting the default value for the field is applicable only for fields visible in the Add-In (i.e., on the "Create Object" form).The default values should be set in the String format. No other format is supported.For example, to set a default value for a picklist, use the picklist item’s code; for a reference field, use a GUID in the G format; for date/time, use the YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss format; for a checkbox, use "true" or "false".

    2. Basic View: You can select the fields to be displayed in groupware for the basic view of Lead.                                              Fig 5. Lead Card - Basic View

    3. Settings: -You can select sort method, days in past to display, and filter status (e.g., open, canceled etc.).

      1. Allow Create: -If this is checked then you can be able create Lead from Outlook

      2. Allow Update: -If this is checked then you can be able update Lead from Outlook                      Fig 6. Lead Card - Settings View

Step 5] The fields shown below will be displayed to the user in outlook while creating the lead.

Fig 7. Above Fields will be Available in Outlook to User while creating Lead

Note: -Status field will not be displayed to the user while creating the lead (You can't control the status value)

Fig 8. Non-Availability of the Status field while creating the Lead

Step 6] Go to the Outlook and select the email and then click on View Context of SAP Cloud for Customer to open the groupware add-in.

Fig 9. C4C - ADD-IN in Outlook

Step 7] Click on the + button to create the Lead and then select Lead as shown below.

                             Fig 10.  Selecting the Lead Object to create the Lead from Outlook

Step 8] You can create the lead with existing account or with the new account and the fields will be displayed accordingly (Please check Step 4 on How to add/remove fields).

Enter all the necessary details to the fields displayed.

                          Fig 11. Filling the Data in the Lead Creation screen of outlook - Part 1

                           Fig 12. Filling the Data in the Lead Creation screen of Outlook - Part 2

Step 9] After entering all the data,

If you click on the action "Save with this item", The new lead will be created, and e-mail message will be saved to SAP C4C system as an e-mail object.

                                  Fig 13. Save with This Item Feature Availability in Outlook

Note: -If you click on the action "Save", Then only new lead will be created, without the mail being attached.

Step 10] Once you clicked on the action "Save with this item", new lead will be created in C4C system, and you will be prompted with below screen where in you can edit the subject of activity and then click on save.

                                            Fig 14. Saving the Email Object to SAP C4C system

Step 12] Lead Created in the C4C system successfully as shown below.

                                         Fig 15. Displaying the Lead Created in the C4C system.

Step13] The respective Email got saved under the Activities as shown below.

                                        Fig 16. Email Attachment saved under the Activities.

Conclusion: - With this note, I’d like to conclude my blogpost on Creating a New Lead and attaching the customer request in one step in C4C.

I hope the information provided in this blog post was useful to you. In case if you are looking for more details on this topic you can find it on SAP documentation here. Please feel free to provide your feedback or ask question in the comments section and I’ll be glad to respond to you. Happy Learning!


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